Living Room Tour 2020


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The living room is the place in our homes where we gather, entertain, enjoy each other, and explore the world of television and movies. I have dressed my living room using the style of modern liveable.

Daffodil Lane is the place where I reside. It is a place of happiness where my creativity flourishes. I love every room of Daffodil Lane from The Entry to The Movie Theater. I love making myself laugh and smile, as my creative feelings flow throughout my home. There are no rules to how creativity flows, so there should be no rules to decorating. I live each day thinking, dreaming, and wondering up new ideas. I spend countless hours on Pinterest. There is no such thing as “I can’t”, “I shouldn’t”, “I won’t” at Daffodil Lane. It is my home, my crib, my cottage, my refuge, my retreat, my safe place, my play space, my haven… I call my style Modern Livable

I have captured a few photos of the living room to share with you. Please enjoy the view and let me know if you have any questions or additives about the living room and/ or the seasoning I have poured into my home.


The living room is the place in our homes where we invest in bonding and cohesion of family and friends.  It is also known as the Family Room, Great Room, Sitting Room, Front Room, Den, Lounge, Drawing Room, Waiting Room, TV Room, Reception Room, Morning Room, Salon, or Parlor.  

It is a favorite location in the house that we talk, converse, play board games, watch television and movies, reminisce, listen to music, discover, discuss, and debate world events, have parties, enjoy each other’s company and simply chill out.  

The living room is perfect place for creating synergy and an environment for creating the perfect atmosphere.  There are four unique elements that can help create the synergy in a living room environment: automation, color, dual functionality, and livable.  

The use of live plants delivers nature into the home and brings a dose of health into the home.  There are many positive reasons for decorating with live plants such as energizing the mind and bringing calm into a stressful life.  Special care is needed to keep plants healthy so there is a minimal amount of maintenance required as in any and everything.  

The lighting is one of the biggest sources that needs to be rectified before beginning to decorate.  It is important that your room has the right light for its space to be productive and lively.  Lighting alone can transform a room, so don’t leave it for last.  The selection of lighting  places a big role on color selection from paint for your walls, flooring, and your furniture.

The focal point of this living room is the TV Wall.  This wall was covered with a damask printed wallpaper that is a neutral tone and can blend with many color palettes.  The wallpaper was selected as the feature wall because its ability to quickly draw the eye of the viewer whether you are seeing it for the first time or see it on a daily basis.  It still mesmerizes me.  The neutral colors were selected so that the room can change colors without lots of movement within the room. There is a teal cabinet inside of the living room that creates a unique vibe. The teal color can not only be replaced by the movement of the teal with in theorem, it can also grandstand when desired.  The feature painting on the walls has the ability to blend multiple colors in the living room with any season or holiday.

Neutral Tones inspire this living room with highlights of teal.

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