DIY Master Bedroom Closet Makeover


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My master bedroom closet is the place in my home where I create my outfits that speak to the people of who I am and what I am feeling. I have dressed my closet using the style of modern livable.

Most closets are built using factory/industrial wire rack systems.  These builder-grade wire closets can make your closet difficult to live with and make you loose out of a lot of usable space.  Personalizing that space can be done using additional wire racks or some creative thinking, but to get the custom look into your master bedroom retreat an also be accomplished with minimal handyman or handywoman tools. 

Whether you use a Closet organizer, Handyman, Carpenter/Builder, or you are a Do-it-yourselfer, it can certainly be accomplished.  I turned my builder grade closet into a custom closet into a few easy steps.

My master bedroom closet is the place in my home where I create my outfits that speak to the people of who I am and what I am feeling.  It can also known as my Secret Hiding Play, Diva’s Den, Great Escape, Sitting Room,  Reading Nook, Women’s Lounge, Drawing Vault, Prayer Closet, My Retreat, Quiet Place, Devine Alcove, or My Personal Parlor.  

It is a favorite location in the house that I can relax, read, unwind, take care of myself, reminisce, listen to music, self-talk, discover newness, mind map, hide, or simply chill out.  

My Ultimate Dream closet is the perfect place for meditating, reading, praying, getting dolled up, and getting dressed. There are for unique elements that can help create the synergy in a closet environment:  space, security, dreamy feel, lovable and livable style, and quietness.  

The use of additional acrylic storage helped to continue organization in the closet, using storage for items like nail polish.  There are many other storage systems available for the closet, it’s really depends on your personal preference. The ultimate goal for organizing your closet should be to create an effective flow for closet use without destroying everything in the closet to find one item and to ensure you have access to all of your clothing and special items.  Energizing the mind and bringing calm into a stressful life will not only give you peace but it will keep your positive energy afloat.  Special care is needed to keep your closet organized and dust free.  Everything in life requires attention and maintenance.  

The lighting is one of the biggest sources that needs to be rectified before beginning to decorate.  It is importance that your room have the right light for its space to be productive and lively.  Lighting alone can transform a room, so don’t leave it for last.  The selection of lighting  places a big role on color selection for paint for your walls, flooring, and your furniture.

The focal point of this closet is the closet system which was designed by Martha Stewart (Home Depot).  This wall was covered with a gray designed printed wallpaper that is a neutral tone and can blend with many color palettes.  The wallpaper was selected as the feature wall because its ability to quickly draw the eye of the viewer whether you are seeing it for the first time or see it on a daily basis.  It still mesmerizes me.  I love the peeks of the wallpaper through the corner shelving on the forward wall. The neutral colors were selected so that the room can change colors without lots of movement within the room,  The greige color which runs rampantly throughout my home was combined with glitter to add sparkle in the closet, it is also a grandstand feature when the lights are illuminated.  The featured glass cabinet in the closet system was not included in the closet system but added as a do-it-yourself project.  

Glamorous lighting and glitter inspire this closet with highlights of bling!



Take inventory of every piece of clothing, shoes, and all of your accessories to determine how much space you need for hanging storage, shelving space, and shoe storage.  Then measured your entire walk-in or reach-in closet space.


After taking measurements, get a pencil and paper and sketch out what you want your closet to look like. Now, if you have a small closet, you will have to think vertically.   Remember, if you do not take a good inventory,  you are only thinking approximately how much space you will use. Make sure you include some special effects inside of your closet.  For example, you can add mirrors to increase your visual space or glittered boxes to add some bling.


I started shopping around at different home improvement stores, discount stores, and online websites. I knew that I wanted wood or something close to wood and it needed to be affordable and elegant (in my eyes). I discovered and selected the Martha Stewart closet system.  I knew I wanted to add a lot of elegance in the closet so I decide I would upgrade the knobs, add some glittered storage boxes, acrylic storage and a mirrored cabinet.  I didn’t know exactly how I was going to get this cabinet but I knew that I could figure something out. I concluded that adding mirror to the back and adding glass shelving versus wood would help add that feeling of elegance that I was looking for. I added elegant lighting on a budget and installed the lights myself to save on labor cost. 


Once I had made all of the decisions in regards to my new closet, I started to order and purchase everything.


Now it was time to put my new closet system in. First, I removed everything out of the closet including all of the builder grade wire shelving.  After that I spackled the holes and sanded the areas that were uneven or repaired.  After the repairs were completed and ready for paint, I began by installing the wallpaper first because if I painted first I would have to allow time for the paint to dry before I could do the wallpaper.

I fill all of the holes in the walls, sanded them smooth and wiped clean.  I did the wallpapered wall first and then I painted the remaining three walls.


I started installing the closet system using the instructions provided by the manufacturer.  Although, I adjusted the height of the closet system everything else remained the same.  I did have to adjust the width of a couple of clothes rod and some of the shelving but the rest was by instructions.  Keeping in mind that I wanted elegance, I thought I would add wallpaper to one wall and get some paint that had glitter in it.  Well once I got to the home improvement store I didn’t see the paint with glitter but they had some glitters to be poured into the can.  I purchased several bags of glitter. 


While was waiting on the walls to completely dry, I started shopping for storage ideas and hangers.  Again I went to home improvements, department stores, Amazon, and I looked in Ross, HomeGoods and TJMaxx looking for something storage décor that would catch my eye. 


After gathering great finds and storage, I returned to the closet to begin assembling.  I began with the longest wall and started in the corner because the corner could not be cut down to size,  like the straight shelving could.  I also measured the length of the longest piece of clothing in each category (dresses, trousers, shirts, etc….), so that my clothing could hang freely. Two people would be the best for assembling but I was solo and successful.  I determined the height of my closet based on my desires and not the instructions for the wall system, this allowed me to have more storage space for hanging and storage.


In the process of finishing my closet, I had wood floors put into my craft room and made a deal with the installer to add the closet floors for $600. 


After the completion of the floors, began filling my closet and organizing everything. I used blue painters tape to help me organize the closet. 



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