Daffodil Lane is the place where I reside. It is a place of happiness where my creativity flourishes. I love every room of Daffodil Lane from The Entry to The Movie Theater. I love making myself laugh and smile, as my creative feelings flow through my home. There are no rules to how creativity flows, so there should be no rules to decorating. I live each day thinking, dreaming, and wondering up new ideas. I spend countless hours on Pinterest. There is no such thing as “I can’t”, “I shouldn’t”, “I won’t” at Daffodil Lane. It is my home, my crib, my cottage, my refuge, my retreat, my safe place, my play space, my haven… I call my style Modern Livable.


BEFORE (2014)

AFTER (2014-2015)

Modern Livable

Modern livable is simply living in your home with joy and happiness. Your home should be a pleasant place to live in and decorated with decor that you love and makes you smile. Decorating is an art!!! Decor Aid suggests there are 20 styles of decorating in 2019: traditional, modern, minimalist, contemporary, transitional, rustic, french country, shabby chic, coastal, Hollywood Regency, Scandinavian, urban modern, bohemian, mid-century modern, industrial, modern farmhouse, modern country, art deco, Asian Zen, Feng Shui, and eclectic. Eclectic decorating explores creative ideas from a broad range of styles. It is delivered with high-energy and fascination using bold colors, patterns, and textures. The eclectic style allows selection of decor combining a rich mix of elements of inspiration and styles. Modern Livable is decorating your home-your way-how you want-using the colors that you want-mixing the elements that you want-selecting furniture that you love-and enjoying every square foot of your home!!!

Written By/Created By: StephanieK