The purpose of journaling is to keep track of daily activities occurrences, self-examining, and reflecting.  It’s an EverydayBook!!!  

Journaling is therapeutic and helps mentally with releasing stress, anxiety, depression, and healing.  According to research one significant benefit of journals is journaling, it encourages healing from the inside- out by strengthening your immune system.  Research also shows that when one journals it helps to speed up recovery by increasing self-knowledge because it helps to get in touch with your mental state, including one’s emotions, thoughts, feelings, and worth.

Journaling in 2021, Living with Stephanie

Journals may also be used to record plans and help (1) set, (2) track, and (3) record your goals.  Some types of journals include: personal, gratitude, personal development, spiritual, physical fitness/exercise, wellness, prayer, food/recipe

Journaling in 2021, Living with Stephanie

My Journal Strengthens Me Emotionally

Hello Beautiful

Journaling helps with insight, growth, and change!!! Through Problem Solving! Life Management! Creative Expression! Emotional Healing!


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