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Hello world!, Living with Stephanie

Hello World

Hello world!, Living with Stephanie

The DIY Exchange is your DIY blog. It will be filled with DIY tips, ideas, examples, projects, crafts, and all things DIY. I would like to welcome you to the DIY Exchange blog. I ask that you continue to explore the creativity, expressions, inspiration, and motivation of the blog which will share interesting ideas, projects, tools, and resources for the beginner to advanced DIYer. Behold the power of doing it yourself. OWN IT!!!

Stephanie K. Murphy 

CEO “Creative Expressions Officer”

“It’s just a matter of understanding what’s necessary and discipline yourself to do it”

Hello world!, Living with Stephanie


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, Hello world!, Living with Stephanie

The Ultimate Craft Room Tour — catch

I have spent many long days and many long nights planning, building, stocking, and organizing my craft room. Putting it all together was so much fun, I could hardly wait until it was completed.

Hello world!, Living with Stephanie

Journaling in 2021

JOURNALING 2021 The purpose of journaling is to keep track of daily activites occurences, self-examining, and reflecting.  It’s an EverydayBook!!!   Journaling is therapeutic and helps mentally with releasing stress, anxiety, depression, and healing.  According to research one significant benefit of journals is

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