"Life is Worth the Living"

Stephanie K. Murphy



About Stephanie

Throughout my travels by planes, trains, and automobiles, I have seen and done many adventures. Surviving many different languages and cultures, I feel full of life. After joining the Marine Corps, I developed a “life is worth the living” attitude. It seemed like everything moved out of my way. I became tied to greatness through volunteerism, sacrifice, service, commitment, and mentorship. I found myself bound together in a way visible to the eyeDaffodil Lane is the place where I reside. It is a place of happiness where my creativity flourishes. I love every room of Daffodil Lane from The Entry to The Movie Theater. I love making myself laugh and smile, as my creative feelings flow through my home. There are no rules to how creativity flows, so there should be no rules to decorating. I live each day thinking, dreaming, and wondering up new ideas. I spend countless hours on Pinterest. There is no such thing as “I can’t”, “I shouldn’t”, “I won’t” at Daffodil Lane. It is my home, my crib, my cottage, my refuge, my retreat, my safe place, my play space, my haven… I call my style Modern Livable.



Finding her way...

Craft Room

My Craft Room is my special place.  It is the place in my home where I let loose.  My Craft Room is where my creativity flows the best in action.  Having the ability to let my creativity flow is a dream come true. Designing, Creating, and Decorating a Craft Room built for crafters with GOOD IDEAS.   


Organization enables design to be visible.  It allows on to live in a life of luxury without fear of destruction.  I live in my home comfortably.  I decorate and design my home using the Modern Livable design.  I use organization as the starting point of my design for every room in my home.

Here: I designed a DIY closet on a budget.  Using a DIY closet purchased at a local home and improvement store.  This enabled designing the closet exactly how I wanted to.


Designing a space involves assembling colors, textures, ideas, passions, and creativity to design your rooms and homes in the way you desire.  Your home should be assembled how you want to live.  Most importantly, there is no right or wrong way of making your house a home.

Here: I created a floral arrangement and assembed a tray with seasonal colors, decor and usefulness.   


22 Daffodil Lane, Stafford, Virginia

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